Slow starting up and running tasks. Pop-up windows. Programs won't run. No internet. 


Documents-Pictures-Music-Etc.. Get a jump drive (usb drive) and drop your data onto it. (Detailed instructions: Plug it ino the usb port and see if it comes up. Or click "my computer" and you will see it there. Drag anything that you want to save onto it and release the mouse button)

INSTALL ANTI-VIRUS PROTECTION:                                                                                      

Free for comcast internet customers and some AT&T customers. Free Mirosoft Security Essentials or Avast or AVG. Norton and McAfee are usally on sale for about $20 (for the year) at Staples-Office Max-Office Depot. Everyone says one is better than the other or the one they sell is the best. I like to stay with the biggest company,thinking that they can come up with cures faster for the newest threats. Infected computers won't allways be back to normal, but you need to try the anti-virus first. If it needs to be reformated and reloaded to get windows working correctly then you will now have the anti-virus to protect your computer to prevent future problems. You can still get a virus even if you have anti-virus protection. People that stay on main stream sites have less problems. Avoid risky places. If the fake anti-virus virus pops-up, don't hit the yes or no, hit the 'X' in the upper right hand corner to close the window. If your computer won't respond at all (when online) then press ALT-CTRL-DEL and end task on the page (you may also have to disconnect the internet cable). If it gets in, it will keep popping up trying to make it imposable to use your computer unless you pay them. Some want your credit card number not the money!